Artwork Film Positives / Separations for Screen Printing

All separations are output from an Epson Stylus Pro 7890 variable dot large format printer onto specialist repro film, providing pin-sharp results up to A1 size. For custom sizes, simply order using the closest larger size.

I only accept layered Photoshop files or pdf files (fonts outlined, please), with each layer of your design on separate pages. All files must be 300dpi and at the final trimmed size. Each layer of your design must be filled with the following colour: 100% Cyan + 100% Magenta + 100% Yellow + 100% Black (the blackest of blacks). Any area that does not have your design on it must be transparent or white only. If you require registration or crop marks, please add these before sending.

A4: £8 / A3: £12 / A2: £18 / A1: £32

Plus postage and packing

In the quantity field please make sure the amount entered equals the amount of pages in your pdf or layers in your Photoshop file. Film Separations can only be ordered directly through the website and are non-refundable.

Important: After clicking ‘Add to cart’, please allow time for the system to upload your artwork. This may take some time to complete if you are uploading a large file. It is also dependent on your internet connection speed so please be patient!

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